PDMS 3D Model course

What is PDMS?

PDMS 3D model software is an Engineering, Design Software which different Disciplines can work within different data bases together. Civil, Mechanical, Piping, Structure, Process, Instrumentation, Electrical , Lead engineers have their own databases DB’s, team and users which all of these DB’s are gathering under different MDB’s.

Whitin a high resolution of 3D environment, Engineers are able to do exact what they want to design in a process or food or power plant.

They can get work each other, they can see what other Engineerings from same or different department are doing at same time. Companies are today working in different Contries, using PDMS Global to costomize and globolize their projects.

Within PDMS 3D you save time and money.

The work can to do with other drawing engineering packages in one day, can be done in one houre.

PDMS 3D creats all Project’s related 3D , 2D and 1D documents.

Behind your PC you will see exactly what will be built, what are clashes, where are the miss with safeties and maintenaces.

In one word:

PDMS does Analyze, Utilize,Optimaize, Formulize, Internalize, Synchronize your Piping and Plant Design Department

PDMS 3D are able to import data from other egineering packages as PDS, Tekla, Inventor, Solidage, Autocad etc.

Work Possibilities:

In every Consultant or Contractor Engineering Company which is busy in Oil, Gas, Petrochemie, Chemical, Power plant,Food and Pharmacy as PDMS Designer/Modeler. You can develop yourself in this software till PDMS administration which can work in the same area of Industry.

Good news:

After finishing this course, you will be on the reserve list of Naftarya-Engineering Group (as PDMS Modeler/Designer) to participate with other designers in different future projects.

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PDMS course





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